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Q. What type of coating systems do you use? Most companies just use Epoxy.
A. Prestige Polymer Flooring systems are a time-tested polyaspartic hybrid polymer system that is superior to epoxys from the standpoint of flexibility, impact resistance, chemical resistance and completely non-yellowing ultraviolet exposure. As well as long-term durability.

Q. Why should I have your system professionally installed vs. using your competitors or store-bought systems?
A. Our company has been manufacturing and installing polymer systems since 1985. Some companies may say 20-50 years experience, but they usually multiply years of experience by the number of employees/subcontractors they have. Fact in point - store-bought or internet-bought flooring systems will not last! Reason: Cheap waterbourne epoxies and improper concrete preparation.

Q. How long does it take to install your flooring system & when can we start using it again?
A. Prestige systems require 2 days to install and 1 full day to totally cure. Companies offering 1-day install are offering a paper thin coating that will not last and will chip - and that is NOT covered in their warranty.

Q. There are so many companies offering garage flooring I am confused. Who do I believe?
A. Remember: 20 years in business, not just 20 years experience. Most companies offering garage flooring are a franchise or company that sent employees to a 2-day training school on epoxy flooring, or house painters that say, "I can do this." They will not invest in proper concrete preparation equipment and will not be around when problems with the floor occur or the warranty expires.

Q. How do oil & road salt affect your flooring system?
A. The whole purpose of our flooring systems is to protect concrete from salt & oil penetration. All of our flooring systems are completely chemical resistant.

Q. Our garage is full of stuff - what do I do with it while you are doing my floor?
A. Only the items on the floor need to be removed. Most people will put these items outside and put a tarp on them. If you need help with removal, we offer this at a minimal charge