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Surface Preparation:
Shotblasting is the concrete industry proven method for surface preparation. Shotblasting is a totally dust-free operation that removes the top layer of concrete (laitance) and curing compounds and opens the pores of concrete allowing coatings to penetrate and weld themselves to the concrete. Some competitors use muratic acid or hand (diamond) grinding for surface preparation. Muratic acid can create an environmental concern, while grinding can be a very dusty situation. Both of these methods are an inadequate way to profile concrete and can result in coating failure 50% of the time.

Clear Topcoats:
In all of our installations that are exposed to sunlight, both direct and indirect, we use a product called Plastic-Metal. Unlike epoxy topcoats, Plastic-Metal is a high-build non-yellowing (ambering), UV resistant clear polymer topcoat. This coating will allow a flooring installation to be touched up or fixed at any time without any noticeability, which is important to our customers.

Prestige Polymer Flooring has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing and installation of concrete restoration products. Since 1985, our products and applications have been installed in manufacturing, residential and industrial facilities throughout the Midwest and greater Chicagoland areas.

All of our installations are fully warranted. See below.

Installation Times:
Most of our installations require only 2 days to install.

Customer Satisfaction:
We pride ourselves on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. This is evidenced by the fact that 90% of our business comes from customer referrals. That means a lot to us.


Prestige Polymer Flooring Installs Chemical Coatings in strict accordance with manufacturers recommended procedures and is therefore able to warranty its work.
Prestige Polymer Flooring, Inc. warrantees Graniteguard installations for a period of 20 years against delamination and wear through due to improper preparation or workmanship. This Warranty excludes exterior surfaces, and footings, damage from objects dropped on Graniteguard surface, or heavy objects dragged, or rolled over surface that result in scratches or delamination of surface. Spillage of chemical solvents or highly concentrated acids, staining by rust and loss of bonding due to hydrostatic or vapor pressure, capillary action, or moisture from within, under or adjacent to the concrete slab surface. Warranty covers both material and labor.

This warranty is limited to the original cost of the installation.